Nano 600 Geominax

Geominax Nano 600 works based on transmitting and receiving antennas which revives frequencies from the geomagnetic strength of the ground and generates unique values the equipment has an pointing antenna which directly shows the groundwater bearing zones where we can have a identification by the circular rotation of the equipment. Nano is one of the … More Nano 600 Geominax

GMT-1200 water detector

GMT-1200 Advanced groundwater detector has successfully obtained more than 95% accuracy in regions with varied rock conditions, based on the live readings generated by the equipment it fetches almost complete data of the area to be surveyed. The advanced system GMT 1200 + comes along with a depth detector which accurately marks a precise depth … More GMT-1200 water detector


Geominax is announcing a new technology groundwater detector used in exploration of groundwater sites in sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rock areas. The Name NANO explains the technology is been advanced in the nano technical basement. The equipment has multiple antennas to transmit and receive signals from the ground. The equipmet is powered with a depth … More GEOMINAX NANO

Earth science for water detection underground

¬†Groundwater exploration-Geophysical Methods. Unit-II 1 Exploration geophysics is an applied branch of geophysics, which uses physical methods (such as seismic, gravitational, magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic) at the surface of the Earth to measure the physical properties of the subsurface, along with the anomalies in those properties. Traditional solution: Drill several boreholes & install wells: Expensive … More Earth science for water detection underground