Nano 600 Geominax

Geominax Nano 600 works based on transmitting and receiving antennas which revives frequencies from the geomagnetic strength of the ground and generates unique values the equipment has an pointing antenna which directly shows the groundwater bearing zones where we can have a identification by the circular rotation of the equipment.

Nano is one of the world’s innovative equipment to understand the geomagnetic water bearing zones difference (EMFD) which calculates the difference in each axis represented as X, Y, Z.

The observation of geomagnetic flux graph gives a clear evidence in exploration of a site for identifying a borehole drilling point, the well site where the number of fractures or aquifers’ are encountered produces a geomagnetic wave sign which produces a real time value in a precise geological exploration study.

Nano water detector can be used by a single person with basic knowledge of understanding, no helpers required, power full instrument in exploration of groundwater sites, Borewell drilling and exploration agencies use our equipment worldwide, instrument is tested in the geological formations of India, Africa and Philippines with excellent results during the research



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